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Fugitive Pieces. Paul Norton 1998


Paul Norton Portrait
  • Choreography: Paul Norton (with the collaboration of the dancers)
  • Music: José Luis Greco
  • Sets, Costumes, Light Design and Text: Paul Norton
  • Premiered by Compañía Nacional de Danza at Teatro de Madrid, June 5th, 1998.
  • And what if the horizontal is my only companion
  • And what if the ice under my nails never melts
  • And what if in the snow’s cool embrace I forget my desires
  • And what if the wind erases my facial detail or expression
  • And what if my clothes are my only witness to form
  • And what if I am left with a permanent vista of clouds
  • And what if my hair grows will it follow the ancient path of rivers
  • And what if my bones whistle their own melody of descent
  • And what if at night the stars collect in my hollows
  • And what if the moon burns my shadow into these rocks and the grass grows between my teeth
  • And what if the sun bleaches my tongue of conversation, then I will send coded messages on my skin to be interpreted by storms
  • And what if my flesh becomes coal and my skull turns to marble

And what if my heart for all its longing becomes a stubborn magnet still greedy Fugitive Pieces is the poetic response to the accident that took place in February 1998 in the North of Italy, in the Calavese locality, where an aeroplane collided with the cables of the cabin of a cable railway that was carrying skiers, causing the death of all the passengers, except one. Norton explains: "With the dancers I have created narrative movements and I have placed them in a report atmosphere, from which I reflect on corporeal reality and its permanency."