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Diwano. Ramón Oller 1995


Scene Diwano
  • Choreography: Ramón Oller
  • Music: Óscar Roig and Collage
  • Settings: Joan Jorbá
  • Costumes: Mercè Paloma
  • Light Design: Gloria Montesinos
  • Premiered by Compañía Nacional de Danza at Teatro de Madrid, April 1st, 1995

Tell me, girl, why you cannot ride a horse with us. Tell me why you cannot choose, either a White Darkness horse, or a black one. Everything is written by the laws of nature. If you want to run with us, make your mind up!

Among all living creatures, animal or human, of any species or category, the different being usually creates a reaction of repulsion. This is because of the species’ instinct for self-preservation. Nevertheless, civilization, culture and development in the human being have helped us to understand that, in order to survive, we have to respect, tolerate and constantly adapt our values to those of our environment. Lack of respect leads hopelessly to destruction.

Diwano is an original work for Compañía Nacional de Danza by the Catalan choreographer Ramón Oller. In these times of crisis of values, insecurity rules our lives once again, and therefore doubts which are older than the world itself appear again together with that old instinctive rejection of whatever is different. This is precisely what Ramón Oller has tried to emphasize with his Diwano, a work which transports us to a tribal life within a world of strict laws; a world used by Oller to demand respect and understanding, both for the individual and for the community.