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Aluminum. Mats Ek 2005


Aluminio. Dancers: Rafael Rivero and Ana María López
  • Choreography: Mats Ek
  • Music: John Adams (Shaker Loops)
  • Sets and Costumes: Peder Freiij
  • Light Design: Eric Berglund
  • Choreographer Attendee: Ana Laguna
  • World Premiere by Compañía Nacional de Danza at Teatro Real of Madrid, April 23th, 2005.

The audience will immediately understand why the ballet is called Aluminum. However this title does not explain what the piece is about. The key word is “resistance”. Not in the political sense but rather a mental state that one creates to avoid stagnation or to not take things for granted. A state of anxiety and of uneasiness that help guide one towards a new beginning. The architecture of music has been fundamental for establishing the concept of this work. Aluminum is the first original piece created by Mats Ek for Compañía Nacional de Danza. CDN has already premiered Grass (1994), Old Children (1994) and Solo For Two (2002) by the prestigious Swedish choreographer.