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María de Ávila and Tony Fabre’s Tribute Galas

CND - Gala 35 aniversario CND - Homenaje Maria de Ávila
In October 2014, to celebrate our 35th anniversary, we offered two different programs -“Classics of today (…from Petisa to Forsythe)” and “Do you want to dance with us? (Forsythe, Ek, Naharin)”. With them, we wanted to celebrate not just our 35 years, but also our dancers’ versatility and the wideness of our repertory, both goals of the project of José Carlos Martínez’s, Artistic Director of the Company.
The attendees had the opportunity to enjoy first quality classical dance with the first program, whereas with the second one, more contemporary, they did not only celebrate our anniversary from the stalls, but also from the stage itself and with the dancers, who randomly chose people among the audience to dance with them. Elegance and amusement to commemorate our 35 years of history.
This celebration’s colophon were two tribute galas for María de Ávila and Tony Fabre, who dedicated a great part of their lives and talent to the CND and to who the dance world owes so much. They were two days full of emotion during which we counted on renowned companies and artists that wanted to join us for this special occasion. Imposible Danza, the Víctor Ullate Ballet and the Ballet Nacional de España, among others, delighted us with excellent dance of the most different styles, from classical to contemporary, including typical Spanish dance, in a wonderful review of the repertory and legacy left by these two leading figures. In short, two memorable nights.


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