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A new season for further growth

Seventh season under José Carlos Martínez as CND director

Following six years of hard work, the CND today boasts a broad repertoire ranging from classical works to the contemporary choreographic creations of the 21st and 20th Centuries. The number of national and international tours has grown considerably since 2010. That growth is in parallel to the development of our training programme and increased social participation and the search for new audiences. The 2017/2018 season sees our progress continues down that same road, with new and widely varying choreographies entering the CND’s repertoire.
From maestro Kylian’s ‘Gods and Dogs’ to the French non-danse piece ‘The Show Must Go On’, by Jerome Bell, the repertoire encompasses pieces such as ‘Hikarizatto’, by Israel’s Itzik Galili, and also includes ‘Por Vos Muero’, an in-house piece from one the of the most creative periods of former CND director Nacho Duato.
The company has grown this season with the help of INAEM and now hosts a cast of 50 dancers. With a view to the future, this troupe is already in the process of preparing a new classical production of a Nutcracker Suite, to debut the following season and then tour the greatest theatres of our country.
Our production of ‘Carmen’, which debuted in 2015 to win the Prix Benois de la Danse, will now tour France, South Korea and Sweden, before heading out to the West Coast of USA, a country the company has not visited for some years. ‘Don Quixote’ will tour Spain and will also visit Abu Dhabi.
Our production ‘Una Noche con Forsythe’ (‘A Night with Forsythe’) will visit France before touring at home. In our home tours, audiences can also experience works by such prestigious choreographers as Jérôme Robbins, Roland Petit and Marius Petipa (whose 200th birthday we will celebrate) as well as other, emerging choreographers, demonstrating the company’s diversity and versatility.
A new call for contenders to enter our creative residencies will be held. We will also be holding a range of activities (workshops, gatherings, talks, open-door events), with a view to bringing dance closer and closer to people, growing our loyalty base and audience.