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#encuentrodepuntos: artistic research, dance and education

When we speak about contemporary performing arts the body is not only an expressive tool or an exclusive therapeutic field; education and body don’t merge only to train dancers or impose codes of conduct; the choreography is not limited to create beauty or to set up bodies for memory.
This research is directed towards those interdisciplinary places that appear from the performing arts; those tools, devices and methodologies that arts research brings and collects from the education. This is a necessary reflection on education, the body and its artistic, political and social contexts; a reflection about behaviors in which contemporary performing arts and school meet.

What has been #encuentrodepuntos?

#encuentrodepuntos was proposed as a workplace and a theoretical and practical reflection around artistic research and dance in education. The proposal is organized around ten meetings (five working sessions and five follow-up sessions) where we meet with a group of teachers, CND dancers and performing arts professionals.
Work sessions structure:
Block 1. Meeting Points
The first section is dedicated to read a few texts and watch videos from which we discuss about the artistic research and the body in education, so that might reflect on what mechanisms of these disciplines can be applied at school.
Block 2. Find the points
Development of stage, relational and choreographical exercises on which investigate from the practice, away from the production of manuals of exercises for the sake of exploration and implementation of research-creation methodologies of other possibilities.
Block 3. Points found
The sessions concluded with a space for dialogue to find common points between the subjects studied, their practical applications in the classroom and the axes of essential discussion of the ideas that emerged around the body and school.
The addressed subjects in the working sessions had also continuity in follow-up sessions, focusing on the following areas:
• Classroom and dissent
• Bodies in classroom
• Daily choreographies
• Diverse bodies

During follow-up sessions the possibilities of practical application of the research group were studied and recorded. From these observations, we created a blog to share texts and materials which acts as a store of exercises, dynamic and devices.

Each of the participants employed the sessions differently, here we see one of the initiatives that emerged from these meetings:

CND Encuentro de Puntos Colegio Niño Jesús on youtube

#encuentrodepuntos is a proposal designed by Elena Blazquez, Anto Maria Escobar and Rodriguez from the research project Teatralidades Disidentes (HAR2012-34075), Faculty of Fine Arts of Cuenca (UCLM) with the support of ARTEA, Lova and Compañía Nacional de Danza.

More Information: Educational Project Coordination, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and (CND Artistic Coordinator This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)


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Educational Project #talentoemergente


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