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Trece Gestos de un Cuerpo. Olga Roriz

Olga Roriz
  • Choreography: Olga Roriz
  • Music: Antonio Emiliano
  • Sets and Costumes: Nuno Carinhas
  • Light Design: Orlando Worm
  • World premiered by the Gulbenkian Ballet at the Gulbenkian Hall, Lisbon, May 25th, 1987.
  • Premiered by Compañía Nacional de Danza at the Albéniz Theatre, Madrid, April 3rd, 1992.

The music for this choreography was composed at the request of the Musical Service of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and was the result of close collaboration between the choreographer and the composer. The music was composed prior to the choreography but they are intrinsically joined, so that a part of the narrative visual structure underlies and precedes the music.

Both music and choreography were based on a text (prepared by the choreographer) in which characters and situations were defined. The music is like the soundtrack of a short film which works as a mechanism reminiscent of feelings, and a fictitious memory of states of mind.

António Emiliano