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Portrait Ramón OllerRamón Oller started his career as an actor at the age of seven in Esparraguera, later studying interpretation at the Dramatic Arts Department of the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona. He studied classical and contemporary dance with Laura Tápies, Joan Tena, Ramon Solé, Martina Col and Dafna Rathause, and for four years in the dance space La Fábrica in Barcelona. Out of Spain he studied at The Place in London, as well as in the main contemporary dance schools in Paris, and with Ivoner Cortier at the School of the Òpera de Paris. His first choreography Dos dies i mig received the second prize Tórtola Valencia 84 awarded by the Diputació de Barcelona and the Generalitat de Catalunya. In 1985, he formed the Company Metros. In 1987, he received the Prize of the Spanish Stage Directors Association for his choreographic work in Estem Divinament. In 1994, he received the National Prize of Dance (Ministry of Culture) and the National Prize of Catalonia for choreographic work (Generalitat de Catalunya - Diputació de Barcelona).