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Alas. Nacho Duato


Nacho Duato en Alas
  • Choreography: Nacho Duato
  • Theatre direction: Tomaz Pandur
  • Sets: Tomaz Pandur, Nacho Duato. Made by: Odeón.
  • Music: Pedro Alcalde/Sergio Caballero (original music); Arvo Pärt, Jules Massenet, Pawel Szymanski and Fuckhead (collage)
  • Costumes: Angelina Atlagic
  • Light Design: Brad Fields
  • Video: Zeljko Serdarevic and Dragan Mileusnic
  • Texts: Fragments of the cinematographic script of the movie Der Himmel überBerlin (Win Wenders/ Peter Handke), selected by Tomaz Pandur
  • Voice: Ana Wagener
  • World premiered by Compañía Nacional de Danza at Palacio de Festivales de Cantabria (Santander), April 28th 2006.

Alas (Wings) means the first collaboration between Duato and the Slovene theatre director Tomaz Pandur. For his text, Pandur chooses short fragments of Peter Handke’s script for Wim Wenders’ film Wings of Desire (1987). Nevertheless, Duato´s choreography doesn’t offer a parallelism with the movie in explicit sense. Both artists collaboration suppose the incursion of the interpreters of the CND in more dramatics areas. Nacho Duato himself dances andrecites a series of monologues during his performance. 

Tomaz Pandur made himself known in Spain with Sherezada in 1990, and last year he set Infierno with Centro Dramático Nacional. Considered one of the most internationally renowned scenic contemporary creators, his works usually show an original managing of the scenographic skill to the service of irreproachable dramatic interpretations giving place to images of overwhelming beauty.

This production will count with original music composed by Pedro Alcalde and Sergio Caballero. Both of them composed previous works for Compañía Nacional de Danza: Herrumbre (2004) and Diecisiete (2005). Likewise, Duato will use music of Arvo Pärt, Jules Massenet and Pawel Szymanski. On the other hand, Duato will count with one of his most faithful and successful collaborators since years: Brad Fields, who will take care of the light design of this ambitious project.