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JAANE AJNABEE*. Nandita Shankardass

Choreography: Nandita Shankardass
Music: Shammi Pithia; performers: Shammi Pithia (flute) and Michael Goodey (guitar)
Lighting design: Nandita Shankardass, made by Lucas González
Duration: 6 minutes
Cast: Nandita Shankardass and Antonio de Rosa

Jaane Ajnabee is a collaboration between Nandita Shankardass and composer and musician Shammi Pithia. Their inspiration comes from the combination of ideas and thoughts of a Michaël Harboun's project titled "Transcendenz" (Metaphysic Immersion), which focuses on the essential, existential and metaphysical of an invisible reality.
Invisible but sensitive, strange but familiar. Eliminating the differences the reality becomes obvious. "One should not forget that we are all stardust ...." -E. Kant- and everyone possess the ability to transcend and live without walls or boundaries.

*Jaane Ajnabee: Strange known (Hindu)