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With over 35 years of history, the Compañía Nacional de Danza is one of the most important cultural and artistic institutions not just in Spain, but also internationally. After achieving a superior quality in contemporary dance, and coinciding with the strategic plan of Artistic Director since December 2010 José Carlos Martínez, the Company is now exploring other choreographic languages. The objective is to become a versatile company able to offer a wide repertory of the highest quality.


Promoting Arts and Culture is, with no doubt, a basic pillar in every modern society. Moreover, a region’s quality of life is strongly bounded to its culture politics and their ability to develop a sense of community, social capital and respect towards the different cultural entities among its members. This is why upholding an artistic and cultural heritage of the highest quality, like the one represented by the CND, needs of our collaboration.
According to the new management model introduced by the Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y la Música (INAEM), not only commercial incomes (ticket sales, use of spaces, etc) will be of first importance, but also fundraising via sponsorships and patronage, as well as the creation of a Friends and Partners Circle.


Dance has always been associated to qualities such as elegance, grace, distinction and fineness, as well as to strength, determination and passion. If you wish to support a quality and wide cultural offer, JOIN US. Your collaboration is essential; your generosity is our motor.