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Loewe. Apertura '14

The past 12th of September, 2014, the CND opened Apertura (organized by ARTE_MADRID) in the Loewe Gallery. The dancers merged into the invited audience that, from the inside as well as from the outside, could enjoy the dedication and professionalism of the artists.
This improvisation, created through the dancers’ interaction with the public and the magical space of Loewe, was developed from the choreography For Now In Liquid Days, in the Company’s repertoire and built on a studied music collage.
The original idea of this piece comes, precisely, from some of the dancers who performed it: Mar Aguiló, Aída Badía, Elisabet Biosca, Antonio de Rosa, Emilia Gisladöttir, Agnès López, Allie Papazian, Mattia Russo, Daan Vervoort and Lucio Vidal.
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