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Since Jose Carlos Martínez became director of Compañía Nacional de Danza, the CND is launching a number of pedagogic activities thanks to the sponsorship of Loewe Foundation. One of them is #aprendanza, promoted by the LÓVA Project.

#aprendanza is a merge of education and dance for teachers interested in using the dance as a pedagogic tool in the classroom. In #aprendanza we have prepared activities for you to learn experiences in which body, movement and corporal expression are principal, but also learn how to communicate them to other persons.

Are you a teacher? Do you think your students need to think and/or express with their body but do not have the opportunity to do so? Do you believe that what is really needed is not less space for creativity and movement, but way more? Are you willing to meet like-minded people? That is #aprendanza!!!

 Album CND Flickr #aprendanza16. Proyecto Lóva

Teachers from all around Spain turn their classes in opera companies according to the LÓVA project (Opera, a Learning Vehicle) since 2007. LÓVA happens mainly in primary school classrooms and combines the education program, competences and emotion of a great challenge, the class overcomes this challenge thanks to their team work.

The class, turned into a company, creates its own piece from zero and stages it without any adult help. The company jobs are distributed among the class members: production, choreography, stage management, music composition, lighting, staging, etc. One hundred and twenty operas have already been created under the LÓVA project and the number keeps growing thanks to teachers’ commitment, trusting in their students’ ability to astonish us.

The CND welcomes this initiative that brings artistic creativity to the classroom and its goal is to put dance, historically bounded to opera, in the place it deserves in children’s imaginary.

LÓVA is a project supported by SaludArte Foundation, Teatro Real and los Amigos de la Ópera and CNIIE (Education Ministry).


Picture of the choreography Apertura'14 , sponsored by the Loewe Foundation.
Picture of the choreography Apertura'14 , sponsored by the Loewe Foundation.