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José Carlos Martínez's Pictures


Throughout his long and varied career, our own versatile and inimitable dancer, José Carlos Martínez, has wowed us with his breathtaking interpretations of major dance parts from classical and contemporary repertoires alike.

But his talents are not limited to his role as a dancer. Rather, drawing on that experience, José Carlos Martínez also makes his own choreographies. One of his own pieces, Les enfants du paradise, has positioned him at the pinnacle of world renown by way of the much coveted Benois de la Danse; considered the Oscar of the dance world.

Below, you can find a selection of photos of José Carlos Martínez as dancer and as choreographer.

E-du-paradis P.Girault
El Olor de la Ausencia2 Pat
El Olor de la Ausencia Patr
El Olor de la Ausencia Patr
Enfants-du-paradis-3 P.Gira
Enfants-du-paradis2 P.Girau
Enfants-du-paradis -P.Girau
Enfants-du-patradis5 P.Gira
Mi Favorita Icare
enfants-du-paradis-11 P
enfants-du-paradis-12 Phili
enfants-du-paradis-7 -P
enfants-du-paradis-9 P.Gira
enfants-du-paradis4 -P.Gira
Fotografía de la coreografía Apertura, patrocinada por la Fundación Loewe.