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Nippon Koku by Marcos Morau and La Veronal. Geisha con sombrilla

FÜRTH (Germany). Stadttheater Fürth

March 25–29, 2015

NIPPON-KOKU. Marcos Morau & La Veronal

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“Art belongs to a system which comes out innocent while the politic action takes the responsibility as main objective”
Yukio Mishima

Imagine a group of leaders from a stranger, supposed powerful army, but no one to lead or to command, no soldiers or civilians or hostages orservants. Isolated from any idea of civilization, theses anonymous leaders are out of play, outside the idea of the battle. Everything is now useless because the war that never comes to be should be the real and direct action; meanwhile, in this floating island of defused militaries, the action is as unreal as a hallucination that takes place in a constant state of scepticism. The emblematic figure of Yukio Mishima and its close relationship with the ideas of fascism and beauty helps to understand that perhaps there is not much difference between us and that imaginary neutralized war group. Perhaps we are all restless waiting a last world like a last abandoned quarter: training us for a next step we are looking forward to but which at thesame time terrifies us .Being without knowing, responsible for the course of events….Without properly being a documentary work, Nippon-Koku walks around the idea of society and authority to question who we are, where we are and the nature of our behaviour in the social game of which, wanting it or not, we are absolutely accomplices. 


Direction: Marcos Morau&La Veronal
Coreography: Marcos Morau & La Veronal in collaboration witb CND`s dancers
Music: Luis Miguel Cobo
Coreographer ´assistant: Lorena Nogal
Drama: Pablo Gisbert
Sets: Enric Planas
Costumes: David Delfín
Light Design: Albert Faura
Artistic assistant: Roberto Fratini

World premiere  by  Compañía Nacional de Danza  on February 8th  2014 at Naves del Español – Matadero Madrid.

As Kieslowski did in the eighties, La Veronal is creating a Decalogue where each piece’s background takes as a starting point a country or city in the world, creating an analogy between dance and geography.
The pieces do not intend to become as documentary films that describe the country directly, but makes use of the elements that the name provides to carry out the development of an idea, an argument. This NIPPON-KOKU, original creation for Compañía Nacional de Danza, will complete that Decalogue, and means the first collaboration between CND and La Veronal. La Veronal is formed by artists from the dance, film, photography and literature. The artistic team purpose lies directly on a constant search for new expressive media, for cultural references – cinema, literature, music and photography, mostly – to bet on a strong narrative language with the intention of forming global art spaces.
This NIPPON-KOKU, original creation for Compañía Nacional de Danza means the first collaboration between CND and La Veronal.
* ADDITIONAL MUSIC : "Ombra mai fu" from the  Ópera Serse de Händel plays by  Andreas Scholl. "Liebestraume" of Liszt "Kimigayo" from  Hanayo.
"Boku wa, nai chi chi" from Los Panchos "The U.S Field Artillery March" from John Philip Sousa
Kabuki: "Toheganse" - Hideo Osaka Ensemble / "Ninin Wankyû" - Ensemble Kineya/ "Shakuhachi" - Japan Tradictional Music

Marcos Morau

Marcos Morau graduated in Coreography with the highest rating and first in his class at Institut del Teatre de Barcelona and New York Movement

Make his project assistantship in the prestigious choreographic NederlandsDansTheater II of the Netherlands and the company IT Dansa in Barcelona under the direction of Catherine Allard.

His artistic skills are not limited to dance; Marcos Morau’s educated in photography and drama.
In 2005 he created La Veronal, collective comprised of artists from dance, film, literature and photography. The purpose of his artistic team resides directly on a constant search for new expressive media and cultural references - movies, literature and photography- betting mainly for narrative language with the intention of forming global art spaces.

La Veronal is creating a series of works that take as their starting point a country or city in the world, creating an analogy between dance and geography. Pieces not have the aim to be as documentary films describing the country directly, but serve as the elements that the name provided to carry out the development of an idea, an argument. This imagery has led the company to differentiate itself on the map of international contemporary art as a voice.

Recently Marcos Morau received the Time Out Award for best creator given every year and considered SebastiàGasch Award from the FAD

(Fundación de las Artes y el Diseño )
With his creations has been awarded in many national and international choreography competitions: International Choreography Competition

Hannover, Choreography Contest in Copenhagen, Choreographic Competition Madrid, Masdanza / International Dance Festival Canarias, Best show in FiraTàrrega, Valencia Crea, International Biennial of Young Artists from Europe...

Marcos Morau and his team have begun exporting to other companies its seal of international reputation and the schedule for the next few seasons will create new work for the Compañia Nacional de Danza de España directed by José Martínez, Scapino Ballet Rotterdam,

SkånesDansteateryNorrdans both in Sweden, Ballet Theatres of the Generalitat Valenciana and Royal Copenhagen DanishTheatre CarteBlanche

National Dance Company of Norway among others.


La Veronal confronts between pure abstraction of the body on stage and the construction of an intelligible aesthetic reference. Its proposals are based in the pure abstraction of movement, yet appeal towards a dramatic show which meant involves all the dance generated on stage.
La Veronal bases its creation on visual and literary elements. In order to achieve this, the Company states clear references to the film world where the choreographer clearly sets the structure and rhythm of the performance. Quoting Truffaut "Movies move forward like trains at night " and that's how Veronal’s works are proposed: influencing the process of elimination of superficial elements to portray a naked dance.
The purpose and intent of the choreography of La Veronal is to reproduce the world around as if it were a reflection of their own inner world.
Thereby seeking new expression paths, this, together with cultural references from film, literature, music and photography bet on a strong narrative
language with the intention of putting together panoramic art spaces.
Marcos Morau es casi genial. “Casi”, porque no sería justo aplicar un adjetivo tan grande a una persona tan joven y con tanto camino por hacer.

Definitivamente, el talento de Marcos Morau y el imaginario de ‘La Veronal’ son una joya por descubrir.
El punto diferencial de Morau es el intelectualismo desacomplejado de sus creaciones. No se asimila desde la percepción estética, exige más: pide que el público esté atento a todos los niveles de un discurso que juega simultáneamente con diferentes herramientas: voz, movimiento, espacio.
La arquitectura de la pieza, los zurcidos de la edición emergen orgullosos, por otro lado, en diferentes momentos y forman parte de una magnífica partitura-marco que se sitúa en un nivel superior, multidisciplinar, multirreferencial.
Un trabajo refinado que investiga el misterio del cuerpo, hace hincapié en el poder de la mirada, tratando de retratar la actualidad mirando al pasado.
El trabajo de La Veronal es hipnótico y deja al público satisfactoriamente exhausto.
Sentados plácidamente, a la espera del estallido de un festival visual y narrativo que no olvidaremos nunca. Esto es el arte: la emoción.
El trabajo de La Veronal logra mucha sensibilidad y tiene un gran potencial.
TANZNETZ – Alemania

Graphic Material

VIDEO trailer
VIDEO trailer 2
VÍDEO rehearsals
VÍDEO dancers
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