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Plataforma Displaced


Residencias 16/17. Plataforma Displaced. Escena con una pareja en blanco y negro
Residencias 16/17. Plataforma Displaced. Escena con una pareja en blanco y negro

  • A choreographic platform created by two dancers: Joana Brito and Wody Santana
  • Artistic director: Wody Santana
  • Choreography: Wody Santana / Joana Brito / Valentina Pedica
  • Dancers: Wody Santana / Valentina Pedica / Joana Brito
  • Lighting design: Israel G. López –Torrecilla Santana

Displaced was an almost spontaneous creation, born of the strong artistic and personal connection between its creators; two people displaced by circumstance from their home country. Each feels a burning need to transmit a language of their own and tell their own story in that language. Their creative process sprouts strongly from their Portuguese-Brazilian roots. Special attention is paid to the sophistication of movement; a contagious process which develops into meticulous care paid to the slightest detail throughout the cast. To a large degree their working method is based on collaborations with artists from home and abroad from different artistic branches. That enables DISPLACED to generate versatile, creative and powerful works of art.

Within the context of the CND residency, DISPLACED will continue working with the piece “Nuvem Congelada”. It has already participated in different festivals, contests and other events with this piece, which now forms part of its 2017 agenda. In parallel, DISPLACED will start a creative process with a new project: “Rapsodia”. The platform already has performances scheduled for this piece, which is also likely to form part of a project between Portugal  and Spain.


Plataforma Displaced

(Rhapsodies existed in ancient Greece when a rhapsode took a part of a Homer poem, reciting it and leaving the rest of the verses aside. In music, a rhapsody comprises freely joining different rhythms and themes that have no clear connection with each other). 
Rhapsody is the joining of fragments of different ideas. We stepped out to take on a creative process that, at its base, has the idea of the inspirational or motivational void that the artist faces on taking on the process to create; and we transfer this idea to explore what it means in our daily lives. What is this search for motivation and what is it for?  What are we expecting? What inspires us? Why do we need inspiration? As a reference, we turn to the works “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett, “El Exilio de Gardel” by Fernando “Pino” Solanas and “Six Characters in Search of an Author” by Luigi Pirandello. All of those works represent that ‘absurd’ void. We have conceived the creation for three or four dancers in a hotel on New Year’s Eve. Because of the times, a forced partying atmosphere prevails, rather than one of spontaneity. And as the night unfolds the characters reflect on the year that is about to end and they excitedly guess on what the coming year has in store. With minimalistic artistry and theatrical farce, the dancers develop and embody the existentialist and pathetic discourse on their fears and frustrations, their “lack of life”, their nostalgia for when they dreamed of adventure.  

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