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Portrait Jacopo GodaniBorn in Italy, the dancer and choreographer Jacopo Godani began his studies of classic ballet and modern dance in 1984 in the Center Studi Dance of the Spezia. He realized, likewise, studies of audio-visual arts in the Fine Arts School of Carrara. In 1986, Godani entered the Mudra international school of dance, directed by Maurice Bejart in Brussels, Belgium. In 1990, Godani created his own company with its base in Brussels and he began his choreographic career. As a dancer, Godani has worked with a wide variety of choreographers of international level including William Forsythe, Ohad Naharin, etc. From 1991, Godani has danced solo roles with the Frankfurt Ballet of William Forsythe, collaborating with him in the choreographic creation of numerous ballets.

Godani has created original works for the Ballett Frankfurt, Rotterdamse Dansgroep, IT danza in Barcelona, Ballett Nurnberg, Sweden's Goteborg Ballet, Karlsruhe Oper Ballet, the Royal Ballet Covent Garden in London, Nederlands Dans Theater 2 in The Hague, Ballett des Landstheater Linz, Ballet du Rhine in France, etc...

His commitments for this season 2001/2002 include this new work for the Compañía Nacional de Danza, as well as for the Bayerisches Staatsballett of Munich and Les Ballets de Montecarlo.

Cult Race. Jacopo Godani 2001


Escena de Cult Race
  • Choreography: Jacopo Godani
  • Music: Diego Dall’Osto (original music)
  • Costumes, light design and settings: Jacopo Godani
  • World premiered by Compañía Nacional de Danza at Teatro de la Zarzuela, November 16th, 2001.

“The general idea from which I started off was researching, through choreographic development, the atmosphere present in different rituals and cults that all kinds of ethnic groups have celebrated throughout history. That intriguing, solemn, tense, heavy atmosphere does sometimes transmit, somehow, a taste of danger.

However, my work system does not emerge from structures that are excessively prearranged. I am interested in a research process in which the individual talent of every performer is boosted as much as possible. This choreographic process starts exactly at the moment when my last work finished. My own development and that of my line of creation are important, and that is why I generally start from what I consider to be the best discovery of my previous choreography.

Cult Race is an abstract ballet that does not pretend to tell a story. I try not to start from educationally-acquired models but, rather, to search for my own way without being limited by references to other artists. I need to experiment with dancers, to search...; discoveries can be very surprising. My philosophy, in this research, is very open. I compare many times the complexity I try to transmit with that which I can observe in nature. This is not chaos, but an interwoven network with a meaning that can be explained without using mathematical systems.

I try to get fourteen dancers to fully grow in their individuality but, at the same time, to form part of a single body. I believe that dancing sometimes draws on already created formulae that form part of a previous heritage. If spectators get used to always reading the same statement, something complex becomes chaotic and they reject it. We are not ready to accept the proposals of a new language. This change has taken place in other disciplines, such as audio-visual and plastic arts, which have acquired other registers that the public has been able to assimilate. In dancing, references to structures and past models must be overcome by looking for new and original solutions. We may not be able to achieve it but, at least, we would have been freely and honestly working in search of them”.

Jacopo Godani


Nacido en Roma, estudió órgano, composición y música electrónica. Ha ganado varias competiciones y premios internacionales y sus composiciones han sido escuchadas en numerosos festivales de música contemporánea y electrónica de Italia, España, Francia, Alemania, Irlanda, Holanda, Argentina, USA y otros países. 

Ha compuesto música de cámara y orquestal, electrónica, de ordenador y música que combina instrumentos electroacústicos y tradicionales acústicos. 

Trabajó sobre música para teatro desde 1988 y comenzó a componer para danza con el coreógrafo Luciano Padovani en 1986. En 2000 compuso la música para la coreografía Insert/Incert de Carlos Iturrioz (Festival Grec de Barcelona). 

Desde 1999 ha colaborado con el coreógrafo Jacopo Godani en Zero Point Energy (Staatstheater Karslruhe), Digital Secrets y Twilight Arias (Goteborgs Opera House), Aeon’s run (Royal Ballet de Londres), Kid Dinamo (Ballet Frankfurt) y Animal Trigger (NDT2, La Haya).

Prototype Hero. Jacopo Godani 2005


Prototype Hero. Dancer:Tamako Akiyama and Randy Castillo
  • Choreography: Jacopo Godani
  • Music: Steven Mackey
  • Music, Sets, Light Design and Costumes:
  • Jacopo Godani
  • World Premiere by Compañía Nacional de Danza at Teatro de la Zarzuela (Madrid), October 28th, 2005.

Jacopo Godani is considered to be one of the most required young choreographers of the present moment. At 38 years old, he has already upon his back a very important career and in front of him a packed agenda for the next three years. He recognizes the great importance of those ten years he spent by the side of William Forsythe at Ballett de Frankfurt. “I cannot forget that period. We danced with so much energy and a free spirit. On stage, we ate it all. After that, I started creating full sections of his ballets, and arrived to create original ballets for the Frankfurt Ballet as well as for other companies”. Godani owns an impetuous and seductive style apparently very free, but with a complex structure and absolutely personal. His spirit can be defined as that of a rebel with a cause: the result of his irredentism and ant conformism. “My ideal would be to act as the voice of new generations, to fight against mediocrity and conformism in this horrible world we are constructing all around”. The same idea that he’s got in the way he works when preparing a ballet, motivating the dancers to overcome their own limits, to listen to their bodies, to discover themselves and be able to move freely, further than the limits drawn by technique, with intensity but effortless. “I do not intend to play the artist, only. In my work I like to do it all: I design the sets and costumes, I also do the light design as well as the composing of the music in a recording studio. I’d love to have my own company, like an assault group, a command unit, more than only a dance ensemble. My dream is to count with a group of global artistic production”.

  • Excerpts of the interview made by Valentina Bonelli (Vogue Italy September ´05).
  • Realization of wardrobe: tailoring of the Company.


      • Por Vos Muero Nacho Duato


      • Del 28 febrero - 1 marzo, 2020 - 20:30h
      • POR VOS MUERO / Nacho Duato
        LOVE, FEAR, LOSS / Ricardo Amarante
        ENEMY IN THE FIGURE / William Forsythe
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    • 8 March, 2020
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    • Carmen Johan Inger. Picture: Jong-Duk Woo


    • 26 to 29 March, 2020
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    • Don Quixote. Jose Carlos Martinez


    • 26 May, 2020
    • Carmen by Johan Inger


    • 6 & 7 May, 2020
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      • Por Vos Muero. Nacho Duato


      • 17 & 18 July, 2020
    • POR VOS MUERO / Nacho Duato
      LOVE, FEAR, LOSS / Ricardo Amarante
      ENEMY IN THE FIGURE / William Forsythe
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  • Auditions. Jardín Infinito. Nacho Duato

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