Ana García Pérez

In 2005, she was appointed career civil servant teacher of the body of teachers.
Diploma in Physical Education and Foreign Language Teaching (French) from the Granada University and in Foreign Language Teaching (English) from the Jaén University. Subsequently, he graduated in Psychopedagogy from the University of Granada, a university where he completed his academic training with a Doctorate in Educational Sciences in 2011.

In 2021 it is a finalist in the Educa Abanca Awards, Primary Education category and is a finalist in the VII Good Educational Practices contest: “Improve your Public School”.
In February 2022, she received, in Santiago de Compostela, recognition as one of the ten best teachers in Spain in 2021 in the category of Primary Education and the best teacher in Andalusia (Primary Education).

He has more than 3000 hours of complementary training courses, in addition to having organized and given different presentations at Congresses, Conferences and Master’s courses at the University of Granada, at the Andalusian Institute of Sports and at Teaching Centers of the Andalusian Government. .

Since 2016 he belongs to and actively participates in the research group: design, development and curricular innovation in the area of ​​Didactics of Physical Education, HUM 727, of the University of Granada.

Since he joined the body of teachers, he has coordinated and coordinates different work groups, plans and projects of the Junta de Andalucía (“La Banda en tu Cole” of Canal Sur RTVA, “Sport at School”, “Habits of Healthy Life “…), as well as two Educational Innovation Projects of the Andalusian Government: “You: Emotional Intelligence as a tool for the prevention of addictions”, which ended in 2018, with the performance of four musical tributes to Mecano during three years, always being charitable, for associations such as Parkinson, Alzheimer, AECC, and Proactiva Open Arms, being finalists in “Public School Improvement Association” MEP. The second project begins in 2022 and is currently under development: “Super Kids-Pot”, which is framed within the digital transformation and emotional and values ​​education.

It has collaborated with the National Police Corps in the prevention of addictive substances in minors by carrying out a musical theater, designed for that purpose, performed at the Cervantes Theater in Linares (Jaén).

His career is based on two axes, emotional education, having specialized in Neurolinguistic Programming and Emotional Intelligence in the educational field and, his other great axis, technological education, this being one of the main contents worked on in his doctoral thesis and continuing this specialization through many courses, both taught and received, obtaining a score of 30 (C1) Leader in the Digital Teaching Competence test results based on the DigCompEdu European Reference Framework.