Dance for Parkinson

So much to share, creating community.

April 11th 2020 - World Parkinson Day

Another year, the Compañía Nacional de Danza, wants to join in the celebration of the World Parkinson Day to remind us the ability dance has to give those with neurological diseases a better life. People with Parkinson's disease work through dance their stability, fluidity of movement, trajectory through space...

This year our wish was to join again in the initiative Dance for Parkinson, created in Brooklyn (New York) in 2012. In Spain, under the coordination of César Casares, has counted with the participation of our Company in past editions.

I've always seen clearly the social labour we, the CND, can and must do. It's exciting how many of those affected by Parkinson's disease remember us, how they can do things they saw as imposible through a dance workshop.

Everything was ready for us to open the doors of our headquarters this 11th of April. We had been working on it for quite some time, sadly, the COVID19 crisis has cancelled all there was planned. It would have been a beautiful experience, in collaboration with our colleagues from the Ballet Nacional de España. We leave it as pending... i'm sure we will soon resume this dream. Until then we send a huge hug and wish that dance keeps being a part of your lifes.

Director of the Compañía Nacional de Danza


What's the project about?

Dance for Parkinson is an artistic project with a double slope:

1. Develop in our country a project through a community network where dancers prove that, thanks to their action they can helo that those suffering of neurological diseases have a better life. An artistic work with a social goal, where dance is the main tool.

2. Aimed to those suffering of Parkinson’s disease, a vulnerable community, for whom the benefits of dance have been proven. It’s very useful for them to think as a dancer: balance, fluidity and moving through the space.