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Thus begins this story of Giselle, inspired by Joaquín De Luz’s choreographic adaptation of the Giselle ballet and aimed at making the tale more accessible, while extending its reach both inside and outside the theatres. This Giselle story-telling activity stimulates children’s imaginations, their sensitivities, memory and expression, making them an actual part of the telling.Similarly, the children also become part of Giselle’s music and dance tradition, as well as experiencing the values transmitted by the fairy tale’s characters.

This activity spurs the intellectual, cognitive and emotional development of children between the ages of eight and twelve and can be carried out in schools, professional conservatories, local dance schools or within the educational programmes of theatres included as venues for the CND’s Giselle ballet tours. . .

Actor: Ana Hernández-Sanchiz.
Pianist: Carlos Faxas.
Activity length: 50min.

Giselle, the tale:
Author: Inés Martín Rodrigo
Illustrator: Raquel Apariccio
Publisher: Tres hermanas / INAEM

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