New Talents

A week-long oportunity to work like a CND dancer

Emerging Talent, an activity within the ‘CND Educates’ programme, is aimed at students in the final years of their studies at Spanish Professional Conservatories and Superior Dance Conservatories, as well as at courses and dance competitions internationally.

CND Educates offers students the great opportunity of attending CND classes, given by company dancers, for a week, either as observers or as class participants. The classes will provide students with a real-life view of the professional life they are setting out on. By doing this, the CND aims at professionalising the sector and at promoting this art form among future generations. By combining learning with a unique experience, CND Educates exposes students to a range of different experiences. That not only enables students to set themselves new challenges but also raises their awareness of the world in which today’s dancers move. CND Educates aims to promote tomorrow’s dancers, fostering their talent through such experience and helping them realise their dream of becoming dance professionals. All conservatories, associations and courses or national and international competitions interested in applying to participate in this activity may contact us by email.

On May 2021, the CND launces, in collaboration with RCPD Mariemma Madrid, the Mentor Project, that will consist in the mentoring of the comapny's Principal Dancers with a student of the consevatory. For a week, the mentor will guide and share his or hers daily routine with the student, transfering his experience and values to the new talent.