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Aksak. Gentian Doda 2010


  • Gentian Doda portraitChoreography: Gentian Doda
  • Original Music: César Aliaj (Laura Oliver de la Guerra, violoncello; María Orejana Salinas, pianoforte; Alejandro Sancho Pérez, percussion; Fernando Colás Sánchez, recording)
  • Scenery: Susana Riazuelo 
  • Costume Design: Jaime Noel Roque de la Cruz
  • Lighting Design: Nicolás Fischtel (A.A.I.)
  • Artistic Assistance: Dimo Kirilov 
  • World Premiere by the Spanish National Dance Company (CND), on 25th June 2010, at the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid.

The term aksak pervades the entire performance. Aksak is a Turkish word meaning ‘lame’, and it is an irregular rhythm, typical of Balkan folk music, originating from primitive popular dances. 

It is not a recreation of folklore or manners but a feeling of oppression and isolation that underlies the entire work. From beneath this tension, man seeks to find suitable conditions allowing him to break beyond the barriers of reason in order to reach something more elevated.The plot in this work plays an essentially structural role; the content is secondary and limited to a few basic concepts that refer to Plato’s Myth of the Cave.

Aksak, with a proportion of 2/3, is applied to all of the aspects of the work and it plays an essential role in the compositional processes. The temporary processes are rhythmic, melodic, formal or structural and they at all times create a result that can be heard, always through sensation, a priority element in this creation alongside time: both sensation and time are the common denominators of the worlds of Dance and Music.


Scenery Design

Susana Riazuelo was born in Caracas, Venezuela, into a family of musicians. She commenced studies of piano and violin but she soon showed a preference for ballet and dance, and at the age of 16 she was given a scholarship to attend the School of the American Ballet in New York. As a professional ballerina, she has performed with the National Ballet of Caracas, the Deutsche Oper Berlin, Aterballetto, the Opera of Lyon, the Dance Company of the Community of Madrid, and the CND.

Since 2006, she collaborates with Gentian Doda as a scenery designer, participating in Axis (2006), Sin lo cual no (2007), de paso (2008), and Aksak (2010).


Artistic Assistance

Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, he commenced his studies of ballet at the School of the National Opera of Sofia and, in 1993, he joined the National Opera in the same city. In 1994, he joined the Jeune Ballet de France and the following year he became a member of the Ballet National de Nancy et de Lorraine, where he became a soloist starting in 1996. From September 2001 to 2009, he was a member of the CND. After that, he embarked on a new stage of choreographic and performance projects of a varying nature.


Lighting Design

He studied Lighting and Sound Design at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, RADA, in London. Since 1984, he has collaborated with the lighting at Teatro SANPOL in Madrid. From 1991 to 1996, he was the resident Lighting Designer and Technical Director of the National Dance Company directed by Nacho Duato, where he was in charge of the lighting for 14 choreographies. Since 1996, he has continued to work with Nacho Duato for the National Dance Company and for other renowned companies throughout the world.

He has worked for the San Francisco Ballet, Joan Lluis Bozzo, Daniel Bohr, Juan Pedro de Aguilar, Victor Conde, Ramón Oller, the Junior Ballet of the Paris Dance Conservatory, Jesús Cracio, Ricard Reguan, Thaiku Teatro, the Washington Ballet, the Tulsa Ballet, the Flamenco Vivo Company, The Andalusian Dance Company, and the Spanish National Ballet, among others.


Costume Design

Jaime Roque de la Cruz was born in Havana (Cuba), in 1975 and he studied at the National School of Ballet of his home town. In 1993, he joined the Cuban National Ballet under Alicia Alonso and then he moved to Spain and joined the Ballet of Víctor Ullate. In 1999, he went to Germany and worked at the Staats Theater Wiesbaden, directed by Ben Van Cauwembergh.

From 2004 to the present, he has been a member of the Ballet of the Opera of Lyon in France. He collaborates with Gentian Doda in the costume design, as a member of his team since Doda’s first choreography.


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      • 17 & 18 July, 2020
    • POR VOS MUERO / Nacho Duato
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      WHITE DARKNESS / Nacho Duato
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    • Auditions. Jardín Infinito. Nacho Duato

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