The creation of a ballet

With the work of composer, and basque genius, Juan Crisostomo Arriaga as a starting point, we present Arriaga. A choreographic piece that features three voices, where our artistic director, Joaquín De Luz, was joined by Pino Alosa (associate artistic director) and company’s dancer, Mar Aguiló, to create 30 minutes of magic.


The Granada Festival, with live music by the quartet Óscar Esplá de Asisa, in the Generalife’s Gardens of the Alhambra, has been the backdrop for Arriaga’s premier. A piece with a melodic repetion at its core. Interpreted in different forms, rhythms and tones.

This musical play is the vehicle for the movement and dance steps that our artists adopt through out the classical, neoclassical and contemporary styles.

A collaborative work between three distinctive voices, all members of the Compañía Nacional de Danza. Joaquín De Luz, our artistic director, among Pino Alosa (associate artistic director) have given a classical note to Arriaga’s music. On the other hand, our dancer, Mar Aguiló, has painted with her personal and contemporary style.

The three, along with the dancers, musicians and the music itself, have achieved toto transmit what it feels like to listen and vibrate to music with the movement.