Creative Residencies

New choreographic projects from young talent (6th edition)

New choreographic projects from young talent

Aimed at fostering choreographic creation among young artists, the Compañía Nacional de Danza (CND) holds its “Creative Residencies” every year, targeting emerging choreographers and/or companies. The initiative was launched in 2014 and this year’s is the 6th edition.

“Creative Residencies” is enabling young talent to create new choreographic projects. The CND collaborates closely with the initiative, placing its resources at the disposition of young talent to facilitate their development.

The information related to each resident will be appearing once each workshop gets hold.

Due to the confinament period caused by the sanitary crisis of Covid19, all activity was temprarily posponed in all production units of INAEM (such as CND). Creative Residencies were all cancelled for the moment, though we will are trying now to get back new dates for them,  following instructions of the correspondent authorities.


Season 2020/21

  • Pilar Villanueva

  • Leoopoldo

  • Bestia Besta

  • Pau Aran Gimeno

    Lettre D'amour

    Erat montes interdum varius habitant

    Lettre d’Amour es un solo de una hora aproximada de duración sobre el deseo, que es apetito de lo ausente; una pieza que reúne en escena al bailarín Pau Aran Gimeno y a la actriz Consuelo Trujillo sobre textos del poeta peruano César Moro con dramaturgia de Alberto Conejero.

  • Javier Moreno Martínez

  • Les Schini's

  • Jesús Pastor y José Merino

  • Luz Arcas

  • Alba Muriel y José Alberto López

  • Todos los extraños que habitan en mí

  • Santas al Cielo

For more information about this project:

Carina Martín
Artistic Coordinator and Educational Project

(+34) 91 05 05 101