Creative Residencies

New choreographic projects from young talent (7th edition)

Aimed at fostering choreographic creation among young artists, the Compañía Nacional de Danza (CND) holds its “Creative Residencies” every year, targeting emerging choreographers and/or companies. The initiative was launched in 2014 and this year’s is the 6th edition. “Creative Residencies” is enabling young talent to create new choreographic projects.

The CND collaborates closely with the initiative, placing its resources at the disposition of young talent to facilitate their development.

The information related to each resident will be appearing once each workshop gets hold.


Residencies 2021

  • Kolektibo D3

  • Movement Creative

  • Eva Sánchez Martz

  • Gonzalo Simón

  • Carmen Torres

  • Alba Muriel

  • Alexander Espinoza

  • Luna Sánchez

  • Begoña Quiñones

  • Colectivo Qabalum

  • La piel danza

  • Cristina Cazorla

  • Rebecca Moriondo

  • Julián Lazzaro

  • Almoranza

  • Mariana Collado & Lucio A. Baglivo

  • Cristina Hall

  • Violeta Wulff

  • Daniel Abreu

  • Anita Nodilo

  • Manuela Barrero

  • Noespatí

  • Jesús Benzal

  • Compañía X

  • Etay Axelroad

  • Mercedes Pedroche

  • Lucía Montes

  • Sara Arévalo

  • Eduardo Vallejo

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