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  • Eventos CND. B-Sides Plena Inclusión. Grupo de discapacitados y bailarines riendo
  • Eventos CND. B-Sides Plena Inclusión. Grupo de discapacitados ensayado en la sede
  • Eventos CND. B-Sides Plena Inclusión. Grupo de discapacitados y bailarines charlando sentados

B-Sides Choreographic Workshop


“Greater Culture=Greater Inclusion”

CND B-Sides Plena Inclusión. Talleres coreográficos para discapacitados

The Compañía Nacional de Danza (CND), directed by José Carlos Martínez, was awarded the 2016 Madrid Full Inclusion prize for its support to disabled people and its use of art and dance as a key to integration.

Twelve people with either intellectual or development disabilities took part in B-Side. As a dance choreography workshop, B-Side is jointly organised by Plena Inclusión Madrid and the Compañía Nacional de Danza. In turn, that joint initiative falls within the project “Greater Culture=Greater Inclusion”; a programme in existence for some years now and run by those same partners, together with the support of Fundación Repsol. “Greater Culture=Greater Inclusion” is based on the solid conviction that culture, in its broadest sense and scope, is a key driver for social inclusion.

The dance workshops for groups with intellectual or development disabilities take place in September and October and are run by CND dancers Jesse Inglis,  Elisabet Biosca and Sara Lorés Ara. Most participants already have dancing knowledge or experience.

The CND has collaborated with the “Greater Culture=Greater Inclusion” programme since last year, when, on International Dance Day, it ran a very successful workshop for 300 people, some with disabilities, some without; all united in their passion for dance. 

“Greater Culture=Greater Inclusion” is, of course, of great importance to the partners. But it is even more important to those disabled people who find it difficult to access formal training in disciplines such as dance.

The Madrid branch of Full Inclusion says there is still today a generalised belief that people with intellectual or development disabilities are not properly able to do certain things, like dance, for instance. This is just a myth, however, and we can often be very surprised. For that reason, the project was called B-Side, with a reference to the B side of the old vinyl records, often overlooked by many  but, for many, sometimes offering great works.

The workshops were held on 13 and 20 September and on 4 and 11 October at CND’s headquarters in Paseo de la Chopera 4.



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