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Within the framework of our educational and social activities lies Dance for Parkinson, a Community Dance project led by Madrid's professional dance association, APDCM, and Danza-T Dance Workers' Network. This artistic activity with social ends is carried out by dancers and uses dance as the main tool for improving the lives of people with neurological diseases.

The benefits of dance have been widely demonstrated and, for a person with Parkinson, it is very useful to learn to think like a dancer: balance, chain of movement and moving with spatial awareness. This project contributes to reinforcing the social profile of dance professionals and highlights the solidarity and social awareness of the CND-INAEM. It shows how dancers, as well as offering us entertainment, art and beauty, can also be valuable providers of social and individual welfare. This show of solidarity at the heart of our society, raises collective awareness of the value of helping the less fortunate by integrating and normalising the practice of the arts among vulnerable communities. It involves innovation, develops the potential of dancers, raises their awareness and strengthens their social commitment.

Dance for Parkinson's comprises an open dance session, led by dancers previously trained in Dance for Parkinson's, and is aimed at people with the disease, as well as their families and friends. It is also aimed at socially aware dance artists sensitive to the active practice of dance for people with varying capacities.

The sessions always follow a general structure involving a seated warm up, seated exercises, standing exercises and centre exercises. The exercises change from one session to the next, though the same materials will be reused depending on the needs of each group.


  • Por Vos Muero. Nacho Duato


    • 26, 27 & 28 July, 2019
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  • Audiciones. Don Quixote. Pas de Deux

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