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35th Anniversary

Gala CND 35 anniversary - José Carlos Martínez - 2011/2015

The CND has just turned 35 and we have celebrated its birthday with a triple programme within the Canal Theatre season (Teatros de Canal), whose third edition was devoted to two great figures in the world of dance: María de Ávila, director of the national ballets 1983-1987 and Tony Fabre, former director of CND2. The CND has been through many different phases in its history. To reflect that, two parallel exhibitions were organised: a stage costume exhibit, with figurines from all the different periods, and a poster exhibition, revealing the evolution of the company’s image since 1979. The CND’s 35-year history was reviewed in a chat between the company’s current director, José Carlos Martínez, and its first director, Víctor Ullate.