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CND Educational Booklets

As part of the educational project designed by José Carlos Martinez, involving education and advancement, these series of little books are committed to the dissemination of the history and repertoire of the company, they are distributed free of charge to those who attend our open rehearsals. Choreographers, emblematic titles and other issues directly related to our daily activities will star this publications that, with the support of the Loewe Foundation, are committed to approach the dance discipline to the public in a straightforward and affordable way. Each title has two versions: one for young readers and another aimed at adults.
After the first booklet dedicated to the choreographer George Balanchine, Carmen -a historical ballet- was the second of our educational publications coinciding with the premiere of the choreography that Johan Inger created especially for the CND in 2015. After that other titles as Dance on Points, Don Quixote or William Forsythe were published coinciding with different moments in the programs staged by Compañía Nacional de Danza.
The texts and the image selection of the educational books are elaborated by Elna Matamoros, Ballet Master of the CND, who has done important research in Dance History and has a Master of Arts in Dance Education at the New York University.

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Silent We're Dancing Workshop


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Educational booklet with a Don Quixote illustration


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