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DANCE CRAFT. Marina Minguele

Raquel Salamanca. Ai Do Project

Raquel Salamanca. Ai Do Project

Marina Minguelez.  Ai Do Project

Marina Minguelez. Ai Do Project


Based based on the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare
Direction and Choreography: Marina Miguélez
Interpretation: Raquel Salamanca Santaella, Marina Miguélez
Music and Sound: Selenite

VERSUS thoroughly studies the dramatic text by Shakespeare Julius Caesar, extracting the essence of its two main characters: only by observing the particularities of Brutus and Marc Antony, understanding their emotional and mental mechanisms, we can narrate the story of the conspiration against the roman emperor. The contemporary dance piece, performed in this case by two women, is eager to observe and pay tribute some of the cultural aspects of Ancient Rome, bringing to our days the antique vision of values that live trough time, such as friendship, patriotism, ambition or loyalty. The piece develops a deep movement and dramaturgy research work, and starts off the perspective of physical theater, mixing in its process movement, expression and text. Brutus: " If then they demand why Brutus rose against Caesar, this is my answer: Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more."

On April 6, in the midst of the creative process (the residency ends on April 12), a small exhibition will be held at Bastardo Hostel (Madrid) with a commentary on the project.

- Next Functions -
6 April MADRID - Bastardo Hostel: Versus (Work in project)
20 April ALMERÍA - Carboneras: Within + No se baila en la cocina
6 May SEVILLA - Mairena del Alcor: No se baila en la cocina (children)
8 May ALMERIA - El Ejido: No se baila en la cocina (children)
9 May ALMERIA - Adra: No se baila en la cocina (children)
15 May MÁLAGA - Marbella: Packed with love... o lo de Escarlata and Vito (premiere)
16 November 2019 HUELVA - Cortegana: Within + No se baila en la cocina
21 November 2019 GRANADA - Albolote: No se baila en la cocina (children)