Dancing around the world with Ana Ramos

Ana Ramos, originally from Malaga, moved very young to Madrid to train professionally in dance, which she completed in England at the English National Ballet School. In 2018 she joined the National Company of Portugal to, a year later, return to Spain to join the CND under the artistic direction of Joaquín de Luz.

Ana Ramos IP-Alba M

How you would define yourself as a dancer

My name is Ana Ramos, I’m from Malaga but, since I was very young, I have lived away. I first moved to Madrid, then continued my studies in England and later got my first professional contract in Portugal (Lisbon).

As a dancer I consider myself a shy person; something that’s been the case for me since I was little and which I’m trying to work on every day. I think experience and age help me, little by little, in giving me more confidence in myself. As regards styles, I usually feel more identified with the classical or neoclassical registers but I have to say that I love other styles and I consider them all as important and complementary to each other.

Why did you move to Madrid?

The reason for going to Madrid when I was fifteen was because I really wanted to dance professionally. I realised that what was on offer in my home town was a little more limited and that if I wanted to dedicate myself to dance professionally it was better to move around and work with different teachers who could provide me with all the training I needed, in addition to bolstering all that goes into artistic training.


Two years later, you went to London to continue your studies at the English National Ballet. What pushed you to continue training? How was your experience there?

I moved to London when I finished the conservatory. I was still relatively young; I was not even eighteen and I didn’t consider myself technically or artistically ready to enter the world of work. That is why I decided to take a little more time to consolidate all the concepts in the best possible way. I dare say it was one of my best experiences as a dancer and as a person. It was the first time I had lived outside of Spain and it was very rewarding for me. I got  to work with great dancers and teachers who helped me continue my career. It was truly a gift to receive the opportunity of studying at the English National Ballet School.

Which of all your teachers would you single out and why?

If I had to single out one specific person, without a doubt it would be Elena Serna, my teacher at the Madrid conservatory. Elena invested a lot in me, both professionally and personally. To this day I can say that I dance thanks to her.


In 2018, when you graduated, you took the opportunity to be part of the National Company of Portugal under the direction of Sofía Ramos. How would you describe your first year as a professional dancer?

I must say it was quite a challenge. The pace of work in a company is much faster than that of a school and I tried to adapt as much as possible to the style of the company and to the way they worked. I would highlight the importance of doing your own personal work, both inside and outside the classroom, because at that moment you no longer have a teacher dedicated to you.

In 2019 you return to Spain to work at the Compañía Nacional de Danza (CND) under the direction of Joaquín De Luz. What is it like to be part of the national company of your country after working all those years abroad? During this time at the CND you have got to dance in different classical ballets, such as The Nutcracker or Giselle, choreographed by Joaquín De Luz. What would you highlight about the work process? What is it like to work with your director?

I never imagined I would have the opportunity to work in my country; it really is a privilege. Our director is a great figure in the world of dance, with a broad professional background that is reflected both in his productions and in the studio.


Finally, what would you like to dance next season? And speaking of future events, how would you like to celebrate your next birthday?

I would like to spend my next birthday surrounded by people who have supported me throughout my life and who are still there today, as is the case of all my family and friends.