Bella Domna

Patrick de Bana

De Bana was inspired once again by the melancholic verses of the poet Neruda again to go deep inside the human being and try to understand his most hidden side: the wild and primitive forces that dominate our impulses. He looks into the response that this innate instinct produces in extreme situations, a response that sometimes may be violent and visceral, but which is, in the end, more true to our nature.


Hatred, love, joy and pain are universal feelings that cannot be limited by borders, or bow to convention.

The movement is free and wild, provoking a violent energy that nourishes its desire for freedom. The hidden beauty and the harmony of all that is real and in communion with being impose themselves, catching in a circle the energy that comes from the dance and the music. Energy that will float in the air after the dance has ended. An energy that will remain floating in the air even after the dance has finished.

“Il faut beaucoupd’amour ou de haine pour se liberer d’une obsession”

“You need a lot of love or a lot of hate to free yourself from an obsession”