Cantata 51

Maurice Béjart

It is believed that around 1711 a young J.S. Bach composed a cantata known as Actus Tragicus, a true funeral service conceived and written in memory of one of his teachers who died in Weimar. In contrast to this, Cantata 51 is a sublime explosion of celestial joy where the word "Hallelujah" comes to seal human song as a promise of eternal life.

  • World premiere by: Ballet of the XX Century in Brussels (Belgium), March 26th 1966
  • Premiere by CND: (Ballet Nacional Clásico) at Teatro de la Zarzuela, Madrid (Spain), September 23rd 1980


  • Choreography:
    Maurice Béjart
  • Music:
    Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Costume Design:
    Joëlle Roustan, Roger Bernard
  • Costumes made by:
  • Running time:
    20 minutes
  • Premiere cast CND:
    Víctor Ullate (solo), Julia Olmedo (solo), Nuria Pardo, Mar López Bravo, Jorge Christoff, Enrique Brown, Antonio Fernández, Mauro Galindo