Child’s Play

Nicolo Fonte

At the beginning there was a forest
and inside the forest, a clearing
and inside the clearing, a cabin
and inside the cabin, a mother
and inside the mother, a child
and inside the child, a mountain.

Jeannette Winterson


The metaphor suggested by the above text unmistakably reflects the spirit of Nicolo Fonte’s first work for the Compañía Nacional de Danza. Child’s Play presents a world full of risk and adventure without end, bursting with energy, a child’s world. The scenography and the lighting accentuate that particular point of view, for which attention is constantly being demanded, but if the attention is too great it could turn against the character. Forte also explores the parallelism between the behaviour of children and the feeling of the stage artist. Child’s Play music is based on a violin solo and the composer’s child’s taped voice: the child and his scream, which represents an early personal identity.