De paso

Gentian Doda

The young choreographer Gentian Doda, presents with de paso, his first creation for Compañía Nacional de Danza. A big challenge for this experienced dancer who has been dancing within CND since 2003. Before de paso Doda, created "Axis" (2006) and "Sin lo Cual No" (2007) for CND2.

  • World premiere by Compañía Nacional de Danza: at Auditorio Padre Soler de la Universidad Carlos III, Leganés, Madrid (Spain), October 24th 2008

His beginnings as a choreographer are dated 2004 and 2005 In these years he presented his first two pieces for the Company Workshop (Nuk e di and Korridor). His creations, always linked to CND, have been unanimously praised both by the critics and by the public. We are undoubtedly in front of a young talent, who contributes to the new contemporary dance panorama, with his fresh and original view of dance.

In de paso, Gentian Doda proposes unpredictable situations in temporary, anonymous surroundings.


  • Choreography:
    Gentian Doda
  • Music:
    Joaquín Segade, original music; H.Nichols, A.P. Borodin, Fletwood Mac, G.P. Telemann, collage.
  • Set Design:
    Susana Riazuelo y Odeón
  • Costume Design:
    Jaime Noel Roque de la Cruz
  • Lighting Design:
    Nicolás Fischtel (A.A.I.)
  • Running time:
    31 minutes
  • Premiere cast:
    Stephanie Dalphond, Tamako Akiyama, Marina Jiménez, Luisa María Arias, Dimo Kirilov, Clyde Archer, Francesco Vecchione, José Carlos Blanco, Stein Fluijt