De paso

Gentian Doda

The young choreographer Gentian Doda, presents with de paso, his first creation for Compañía Nacional de Danza. A big challenge for this experienced dancer who has been dancing within CND since 2003. Before de paso Doda, created Axis (2006) and Sin lo Cual No (2007) for CND2.


His beginnings as a choreographer are dated 2004 and 2005 In these years he presented his first two pieces for the Company Workshop (Nuk e di and Korridor). His creations, always linked to CND, have been unanimously praised both by the critics and by the public. We are undoubtedly in front of a young talent, who contributes to the new contemporary dance panorama, with his fresh and original view of dance.

In de paso, Gentian Doda proposes unpredictable situations in temporary, anonymous surroundings.