Fandangos y Tonadillas

Joaquín De Luz, Lluís Homar, Mar Aguiló, Pau Arán

A production in collaboration with Spain's National Classic Theatre Company. Choreography by Mar Aguiló and Pau Arán (in collaboration with CND dancers) / Joaquín De Luz and Lluís Homar.


  • World premiere: Compañía Nacional de Danza at Teatro de la Comedia, Madrid (Spain), January 14th 2021

The 18th century is a fascinating century in the evolution of European music and Spain will be no exception.

The ideas of the Enlightenment will gradually penetrate into a society that is going to witness the creation of new models of economic, urban or socio-political power.

Ramón de la Cruz will admirably describe the Madrid that was born at that time. Domenico Scarlatti, Padre Soler, Luigi Boccherini or Blas de Laserna are some of the great names with which Madrid will create its soundscape in that century.

Fandangos y tonadillas wants to be a small party, where dance and theater meet music to prepare the great path that they will travel together in the ages to come.


  • Choreography:
    Joaquín De Luz/Lluís Homar/Mar Aguiló/Pau Arán
  • Music:
  • Musical Direction:
    Alicia Lázaro
  • Direction:
    Laura Ortega
  • Cast:
    María Hinojosa (rest of the cast in progress)
  • Duration: