Alexander Ekman

"When I created Flockwork for NDT2 I was very young. It was my first bigger piece and I was thrilled to be given the chance. This is the third time that I rework Flockwork. I find it very difficult to return to my old work and therefore have to adapt it to where I am a the moment, and also to adapt it onto the new dancers that will perform it."
-Alexander Ekman


Flockwork is a rhythmical, somewhat humorous and visual work. The title Flockwork actually describes the piece very well. A large group flocking around creating patterns and scenarios around three large tables. A group that gathered to create something together, to participate and create a massive installation together.

A mirror of societies flocking around everywhere, and people that need to do something all the time. The music by Matmos is a piece of music I have listened to for many years now. I enjoy music that has a journey, and this piece goes through unexpected ways, which surprise. In my work I always see it as a mission to surprise and make the audience feel something or forget about their own lives for a second. I hope you will enjoy this quirky visual baby of mine…