For Now in Liquid Days

Mar Aguiló, Elisabet Biosca, Antonio De Rosa, Emilia Gísladóttir, Agnès López Río, Javier Monzón, Allie Papazian, Lucio Vidal, Mattia Russo y Daan Vervoort

The loss of traditional concepts of time and space since new technologies arrived, globalization and ever increasing market liberalisation are radically transforming our present society. All around we witness individualism, the loss of the feeling of belonging to a social group, the existence of the other as an alien, consumption as salvation and the fragility of love with no responsibility towards the other….


“We swim through the waters of a liquid, ever-changing society, characterised by uncertainty, ambiguity and diversity, making it difficult to design and foresee our own future lives.”
All these subjects are proposals by Polish sociologist Zygmunt Bauman, whose liquid modernity intends to offer a new social and individual paradigm, breaking from the mutations of recent decades.
It is this complex subject that nine members of Compañía Nacional de Danza, directed by José Carlos Martínez, broach, offering interpretations through two of their essential resources: emotion and movement.
“In a world where our only certainty is uncertainty, where we are destined, once and again, to discover ourselves and to understand others as well, we have no option other than to communicate, and to live with and for others.”
-Zygmunt Bauman speech, Príncipe de Asturias Award in Communication and Humanities-.