Órbitas y derivas

Àngels Margarit

"Orbits and Drifts [Órbitas y derivas] shows a landscape of journeys, paths and wanderings across a space or installed in that space, arising from a kind of kinetic accident. Patterns and constellations succeed one another in a piece searching for bonds between the performers, who need complicity to solve the situations brought about by the spatial geometry to which they are submitted, inevitable bursts of movement, bodies precipitating, accumulating and drifting away, tongues of wind seeking a sense of void.

This piece is developed starting from some of the referential physical motifs of my choreographic writing. Falling, suspension, impulse, and inertia are physical actions that we must try to inhabit.Orbits and Drifts is a small tribute to Octavio Paz and Gilberto Ruiz Lang, who introduced me to the poetry of Paz and encouraged me to embody his words."
-Àngels Margarit