Quartet #8

Örjan Andersson

Quartet #8 also called Röd, (Red) was premièred in September 2001 with the Netherlands Dance Theatre 1. The press on Andersson's work: “indisputably a great talent” (the Telegraaf).


Örjan has since then been reshaping the work in different versions with from 4 upto the original 14 dancers and with different dance companies such as the Skånes Danstheatre in Sweden, and his own company Andersson Dance Company.

Quartet #8 is choreographed in close relationship with Dmitri Shostakovich¹s Chamber Symphony in C-Minor, Op. 110 (arranged by Barschai from the String Quartet #8). Another influence is a painting “Red on Marron” by the American abstract expressionist Mark Rothko. Andersson has continued to work with Shostakovich with the choreography Quartet #10, which premièred in March 2003 at the NDT1.