Tony Fabre

For this second production for the Compañía Nacional de Danza 2, Tony Fabre has decided to focus on the world of interpersonal relationships. The music by Brahms perfectly reflects the complexity and diversity in which we find ourselves immersed.
Rooms deals with making and losing contact of good and bad fortune, of finding others and finding oneself.

  • World premiere: Compañía Nacional de Danza 2 (CND 2) at Teatro Principal, Valencia (Spain), May 12th 2001


  • Choregraphy:
    Tony Fabre
  • Music:
    Johannes Brahms
  • Costume Design :
    Tony Fabre (in collaboration with Ismael Aznar)
  • Set Design:
    Tony Fabre
  • Lighting Design:
    Ramón Loredo
  • Costume made by:
    CND Wardrobe
  • Set made by:
  • Duration:
    21 minutes