Juanjo Arqués y Heidi Vierthaler

Arqués & Vierthaler chose a philosophical study of daily human actions and emotions as their motivational crux. ‘Relationships’ played a key part in the movement concept, determined by a focus on opposites: develop – regress, freedom – boundaries, intimacy – distance, communication – silence, selfless – selfish, desire – repulsion, trust – betrayal.


These difficult yet familiar actions/emotions were chosen as they determine sanity of mind and physical comfort, as well as the trauma that mankind can bequeath. Whether acknowledged or not, beneficial or otherwise, ‘relationships’ are what make individuals feel alive and necessary. That is what is explored in UNSOUND, through an unbounded movement-dialogue. This new work depicts the imbalance of society as a consequence of today’s uncertainty of life. To create this feature, Arqués analyses different behaviours of people facing difficult situations in their lives and the efforts they make to overcome them.