Andrés Bravo Santos


andres bravo

He completed architectural studies at the University of Seville, Eindhoven University of Technology and Madrid’s Polytechnic University. Later, his higher studies comprised masters’ degrees in pedagogy, international business management (within the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism’s ICEX programme) and in education and audio-visual communication at the International University of Andalusia.

He developed his career across different areas within the private sector, occupying the following functions: architect, site manager, technical sales expert, international sales and logistics manager. The dynamics of his career have led him to spend years living in different countries, such as UK, Italy, USA and South Africa. He has attained accreditation for his linguistic proficiency, with a C2 in both Italian and English.

On returning to Spain, he obtained a post as a civil-service registered teacher, acting as head of department in coordinating the digitalisation programme and ICT. He later took another post abroad, giving classes in USA within the Ministry of Education and Professional Training for Visiting Teachers. On his return, he worked as Technical Teaching Advisor, lending his services firstly to the Andalusian regional government’s Education and Sports Department and, later, to the central Administration.