Antonio Cervera

Production director


Granada-born Master in Cultural Management. He graduated in Audiovisual Communications and Performance Industries in 2014 at the University of Granada, attaining Outstanding Achievement Award for the entire course. A year later, he finalised his piano studies with a higher diploma in musical interpretation from the city of Vigo’s Conservatorio Superior de Música. In 2016, he obtained a Masters Degree in Cultural Management at Madrid’s Carlos III University, combining his interest in show business management and production with his passion for music and performance.

He began his professional career in 2013 as a music journalist with Diario Granda Hoy, where he performed the roles of interviewer, music critic and reporter to cover the Granada Festival of Music and Dance (including such acts as La Fura dels Baus, Michael Nyman, OCNE, CND, Paco de Lucía, Tomatitoand Michael Thomas, among others). At the same time, he developed his own projects as pianist, as concert audiovisual producer and as teacher.
In 2016, he gained work experience and training at the artistic department of the Fundación Albéniz. That led to a position as assistant to the artistic coordinator of the Orquesta y Coro Nacionales de España (OCNE – INAEM). Up to 2019, he continued collaborating with the OCNE as editing coordinator on recording projects.
In May 2017, he was appointed as cultural management technician by the University of Granada’s Scientific Culture Unit—in coordination with the national Advanced Scientific Research Centre (CSIC) and the Fundación Contemporánea—to organise that year’s European Researchers’ Night. In September that year he received a training grant from the Foreign Ministry’s Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) to work in AECID’s Cultural Cooperation and Promotion department. There, he participated in the organisation of around twenty theatre, music and dance tours (including productions by Compañía Cuarta Pared, Compañía Maduixa, Fuel Fandango, Arianna Puello and Niños Mutantes, among others), as well as a series of cultural cooperation projects (including DramaTOURgia, Terrazas Magnéticas and Jóvenes Premiados, among others). He also contributed to the design and implementation of the web platform EXCENARIO, digitalising the AECID Music and Performing Arts Catalogue together with a team of developers.
In October 2018, he entered the CND’s production department initially through the culture ministry’s FormARTE programme. Then, in July 2020, he joined the CND as production director under the artistic direction of Joaquin De Luz.