Carina Martín

Artistic coordinator and educational project


She was born in France in 1977 and began her training in classical dance at the Reina Sofía Professional Dance Conservatory in Granada.

In 1999, she obtained a teaching diploma in Special Education from the University of Granada’s Educational Sciences Faculty.

In 2000, she joined the Post-Graduate Contemporary Dance Workshops at Seville’s Centro Andaluz de Danza (Andalusian Dance Centre), where she broadened her training with such teachers as Pilar Pérez Calvete, Ramón Oller, Michèle Swennen, Jennifer de Palo, Mirjam Berns, Risa Steimber, Carolyn Carlson, Peter Goss and Win Vandekeybus, among others. There, she danced choreographies by Ramón Oller, Pilar Pérez Calvete, Natalie Pubelier, María Rovira, Mercedes Boronat and Leo Santos.

Since 2004, she has been an Official of the Music and Stage Arts Teachers’ Corps, at the Reina Sofía dance conservatory, specialising in contemporary dance. In 2005 she coordinated the implantation of that speciality across Andalusia. For the academic years 2011-2014 she was Vice Director of the Reina Sofia dance conservatory.

In parallel, in 2009, she started the LITIUMLAB research project together with teachers from the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Granada, members of the Colectivo Miga (Miga Collective) and teachers from Granada’s University of Bellas Artes. As a dancer, she took part of the Les Derniers Jour du Monde film production, with choreographer Roberto Oliván.

In 2015, she did her Masters in the Management and Direction of Educational Centres with the internet university UNIR.

She obtained her Doctorate in Inclusive Dance at the University of Granada in 2017, earning an international mention for her thesis.
Since September 2018, she has coordinated the CND’s Educational Project.