Luis Martínez

Technical director


Born in Zaragoza, he studied at Salesianos college in Pamplona, 1985-1989, graduating as Advanced Industrial Technician.

He then studied at the School of Show Technology, a Ministry of Culture initiative.

He later studied lighting techniques with a range of professionals at Madrid’s Sala Olimpia and, subsequently, with Francis Reid at the Paddington School, London, 1990.

He has worked as Technical Director in different posts, including at Madrid’s Auditorio Nacional de Música; HQ not only to Spain’s National Orchestra and Choir but also to the National Centre for Musical Diffusion and the National Youth Orchestra. He has worked as Technical Director with the Compañía Nacional de Danza (CND), under the artistic direction of José Carlos Martínez, Nacho Duato and Hervé Palito. With CND, he has carried out productions and montages in over 200 venues around the world. He was deputy technical director at the Centro Dramático Nacional and also technical coordinator for that centre’s four halls: María Guerrero, Sala de la Princesa, Sala Francisco Nieva and Valle Inclán. He has worked as technical director in different organisations, festivals and for private companies.