Marisol Pérez

Executive director


"Go spread culture around the world,
heedless of race or kind"
– Confucius

“¿What use the arrow if never launched from the bow?”
“¿Would the tuneful lute sound as it sounds if it were still a log?”
- The Thousand and One Nights

As both cultural manager and as producer, her career spans nearly 30 years. Her professional experience spans a wide cultural scope, ranging from stage performances to audiovisual productions. Either on her own or through the La Otra Banda distribution company, she has developed dance, theatre and musical performances, as well as exhibitions, conventions, special events and TV programmes. Her work has consistently aimed at opening eyes and minds to new forms of artistic development, across all disciplines. She has always been open to discovering new ways of bringing culture closer to people while adapting her own approach to new emerging times and languages.

In the dance sector, she has wide experience in the fields of distribution, internationalisation, together with both artist production and company production. She has worked and toured with the Cumbre Flamenca, Nuevo Ballet Español, Amoresflamencos, Carmen Cortés, Marco Flores, Manuel Liñán and José Maldonadoa Estuaria, among others. From 2008 to 2013 she formed part of the management team at Rojas y Rodríguez.

She was director and programmer of the nine editions of the Casa del Lago flamenco festival in Mexico city. She has worked in collaboration with Carlos Rodríguez and his flamenco company Amoresflamencos in the planning, production and distribution of all his shows. She has done similar work with Carmelo Segura and Iker Karrera, among others.

She has worked on institutional projects and with some of the most important companies on Spain’s cultural scene, such as Instituto Nacional de las Artes Escénicas y de la Música (12th Edition of the Madrid’s International Festival of Theatre), The Madrid Cultural Capital 1992 Consortium (Fiesta Barroca), numerous projects for the State Society for Cultural Activity Abroad (Sociedad Estatal para la Acción Cultural Exterior de España) and Radio Televisión Española, among others.

Most recently, she has worked as director of production for the Fremantle España programmes and as producer of audiovisual formats with a variety of companies, including Mediaset, Movistar, Atresmedia and Netflix, among others.