We started CND Estudio Abierto!

Choreographic workshops

We have already started with the workshops of our project CND Estudio Abierto! A unique experience offered by the National Dance Company composed by a cycle of workshops with our dancers, repeaters and teachers aimed at professionals and non-professionals of dance.


One Sunday a month, our headquarters is filled with love for dance, sharing a privileged space to enjoy it with different groups of people.

So far, we have held two sessions. Our soloist dancer Ana Calderón and one of our ballet master, Catalina Arteaga, started the project with a workshop entitled “You, the music, the space”; an activity designed to learn how to manage movement and become aware of it. Our dancer María Muñoz also made her debut in this section with “The Carnival of the Animals”, a workshop dedicated to children who played with shapes, colors and space, inspiring their movements on those of many animals.

Thank you for your great welcome and for putting so much enthusiasm into this project and for selling out so quickly.