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New season

2021/2022 Granada

Panel 2: CND Hits the streets


CND Hits the streets

2021 Granada

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CND Hits the streets

2020/2021 Oviedo

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CND Hits the streets

2021 Úbeda

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CND Hits the streets

2020/2021 Albacete

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Educational project

Giselle, the story

The story of Giselle is born with the aim of telling young boys, girls and adullts the. pure love story of our protagonist. Written by Inés Martín. Illustrated by Raquel Apariccio. Edited by Tres Hermanas. Written by Inés Martín. Illustrated by Raquel Apariccio. Edited by Tres Hermanas.

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Educational project

Giselle, storyteller

. Through the storytelling of Giselle, we seek to stimulate the imagination, sensitivity an memory of boys and girls, making them participants of the story, its traditions, musical and dance knowledge.


CND Hit the Streets

CND hists the streets brings dance closer to the public.

We Hit the Streets

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Meet our dancers: YaeGee Park

YaeGee Park, a Korean soloist dancer started dancing ballet when she was a kid among other art disciplines. She attended Korean National Ballet Academy and SunHwa Art School. Although she is more focused on the classical style, she has being recognized by Forsythe itself for her take in In the middle somewhat elevated. In 2012 she joined the CND; she has danced the role of Kitri, main female character in Don Quijote Suite by José Carlos Martínez, where she also shared the stage with the actual director of the Company Joaquín De Luz.  
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Meet our dancers: José Alberto Becerra

José Becerra is a dancer of Cuban origin, who got into ballet after joining the Escuela Vocacional de Arte de Eva Olga Alonso and, later, the Escuela Nacional de Ballet. He has danced in the Ballet Nacional de Cuba and in the English National Ballet, not only as a corps de ballet dancer but also as soloist and principal dancer. He has also danced in the Fundación para la danza Compañía Víctor Ullate, where he worked for six years until its closure. He has worked with choreographers such as James Kelly, Alicia Alonso, Aurora Bosch and Jiří Kylián, among others. In the 2020 season, he joined the CND under the direction of Joaquín De Luz.  
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Meet our dancers: Ana María Calderón

Ana Calderón, one of our soloists, started out in the world of dance at a very young age, learning jumps and pirouettes at the Mariemma Conservatorio Profesional de Danza in Madrid. Throughout her career, she has passed through different European and American companies, such as Switzerland’s Zurich Ballet or the Houston Ballet, where she acquired great expressivity in her dance. Her path brought her to Spain, where she joined the dance company of Ángel Corella, with whom she would later work with again at the Pennsylvania Ballet. In 2019, her dancing speed and versatility brought her to join the Compañía Nacional de Danza under the artistic direction of Joaquín De Luz. 

Meet our dancers: Daan Vervoort

Daan Vervoort is a dancer of Belgian origin who, after dancing in different countries, ended up in Spain in 2006 to join the junior version of the CND, the CND2, under the direction of Nacho Duato. He later joined the Compañía Nacional de Danza and, in 2013, was promoted to soloist category. In 2016, he danced in Johan Inger’s Carmen, with Emilia Gisladottir, in Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre and for which Inger, the choreographer, won the prestigious Benois de la Danse award. Daan has also danced Nacho Duato’s Kol Nidre y Gnawa, William Forsythe’s Herman Schmerman, Ohad Naharin’s Minus 16 and Mats Ek’s Casi-Casa, among other choreographies.

Meet our dancers: Yanier Gómez Noda

Cuban dancer Yanier Gómez started his studies at the Alejo Carpentier Escuela Elemental de Ballet. He entered international contests in Havana, achieving Gold and Grand Prix for best partner at 17. In 2008, he joined the dance team at Ballet Nacional Cuba under the artistic direction of Alicia Alonso. He entered various Havana International Festivals, as well taking part in galas with stars from the American Ballet Theatre. In September 2016, he joined the Compañía Nacional de Danza as soloist.
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World Environment Day 2021

Cultivate, replant, clean... Is our last chance. Stop the catastrophe, prevent, protect, repair. It is time. It is your moment.

Meet our dancers: Alessandro Audisio

Alessandro Audisio, a Roman dancer, is a veritable globetrotter. He has travelled half the world, including countries like England, Italy, France, Rumania, Hungary, USA and, now, Spain. He has has danced such iconic pieces as Romeo and Juliet, Alice in Wonderland, The Nutcracker, The Sleeping Beauty, Pinocchio and Don Quijote (and different versions of that last one). But, after passing through different schools and companies, he citsEn Sol (Jérôme Robbins) and Night Creatures(Alvin Ailey) as his favourite contemporary pieces.
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We launch the Mentoring Project

This week we launched theMentoring Project, in which two main dancers from the Company have shared their day-to-day life and their professional experience with two students from the RCPD Mariemma (Mariemma Royal Proffesional Dance School) who are in their final years of training. We wanted to interview them so they could tell us how the experience was like. Lucas López, a 5th grade professional dance student, has had the opportunity to learn from Alessandro Riga, the leading figure of the Company. Julia Ibáñez, a classical ballet student in the 6th grade of professional dance training, has had the opportunity to learn with Cristina Casa, principal dancer of the Company.

Johan Inger begins the rehearsals for Carmen

Johan Inger visits our headquarters to begin the rehearsals for Carmen. An original creation for the Compañía Nacional de Danza (Spain) that premiered in 2015 and which is back to the stages in Úbeda and Seville. We made the most of his visit to get to know more about the creation of this ballet, the challenges he faced when remaking a classic, and how both the costume and set design complete a piece that was a turning point in the interpretation of a constantly changing myth.

Meet our dancers: Pauline Perraut

Pauline Perraut, one of our corps de ballet dancers at the CND, began her studies in a private school where she trained under some of the best teachers from the Paris Opéra. Her love of travelling led her to train at different courses in cities throughout Europe. At 18, she joined the Ballet de l'Opéra de Bordeaux and, later, she started touring the most renowned theatres of Italy. She has been a part of the Compañía Nacional de Danza since 2016 where, in each piece, she reveals her versatility and her inherently natural dancing style.
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