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In Paradisum

8 - 11 April Teatros del Canal

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Giselle on tour

2021 Teatros del Canal

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Upcoming tour

2020/2021 Teatro Campoamor
Educational project

Giselle, the story

The story of Giselle is born with the aim of telling young boys, girls and adullts the. pure love story of our protagonist. Written by Inés Martín. Illustrated by Raquel Apariccio. Edited by Tres Hermanas. Written by Inés Martín. Illustrated by Raquel Apariccio. Edited by Tres Hermanas.

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We present a new audiovisual project, created with the goal of connecting dance with society. A meeting point between choreographers, dancers, musicians, dramatists, costume designers, graphic artists, among others.


Upcoming tour

Calendar 2021

Calendar 2021

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Educational project

Giselle, storyteller

. Through the storytelling of Giselle, we seek to stimulate the imagination, sensitivity an memory of boys and girls, making them participants of the story, its traditions, musical and dance knowledge.


CND Hit the Streets

CND hists the streets brings dance closer to the public.

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Meet our dancers: Clara Maroto

Clara Maroto is a young dancer from Tarragona who at just 12 years old opted for dance moving to Madrid. She continued his training at the Professional Dance Conservatory Mariemma and in 2013 she joined the CND. Only two years later she got the role of Mercedes in Don Quijote Suite. After many other important roles, in 2020, she debuted with the role of Myrtha in Giselle, under the direction of Joaquín De Luz. And on March 11th, 2021, coinciding with his birthday and with the publication of this interview, she will perform again as the Wilis Queen at the Campoamor Theater in Oviedo.
Haruhi Otani

Meet our dancers: Haruhi Otani

Haruhi Otani, a hard-working dancer and lover of Spanish culture and gastronomy, has brought the National Dance Company her joy since 2015. She began her professional ballet training in 2010 at the Sasaki Mika Ballet Academy in her country, Japan. Thanks to this, she participated in numerous international competitions that lead her to win great prizes; the most important, the opportunity to start working at the CND with José Carlos Martínez. Her ability to work daily and her way of enjoying herself on stage led her to be promoted in 2018 to the category of solo dancer, where she continues to this day giving us her energy and art.
Erez Ilan

Dancing in the World of Erez Ilan

Erez Ilan, a shy but passionate ballet dancer, has been a part of the Compañía Nacional de Danza’a (CND) dance team since 2008; an opportunity extended to him by Nacho Duato, then CND director. Starting at a very young age, Ilan trained at The School of Ice Skating and Ballet and at The Thelma-Yellin High School of Arts, both in his native Israel. At 18, he took the leap and crossed the Mediterranean to explore Europe and to work at the CND. His dedication and talent paid off, earning him a place as soloist in 2017, a role he holds to this day, marking both a personal triumph for himself and the CND directorship’s validation of his work.

In Paradisum’s creation starts

Antonio Ruz, choreographer and former dancer from the Compañía Nacional de Danza, returns to the CND to create his piece, In Paradisum.

Giselle’s costume fitting

Tulle, fabris, lace and embrouderies invaded our headquarters. Each day, Joaquín De Luz's vision of a Spanish Giselle comes more to life.

Tickets Giselle out now

Teatro de la Zarzuela 9th - 22nd December

World Ballet Day 2020

The Compañía Nacional de Danza joins for another year the celebration of the World Ballet Day With livestreams of classes and rehearsals during Thrusday, 29th of October, 2020.

CND on Pinterest

We launch a new season and we did not want to miss the chance to promote it on our social networks. We're back on Pinterest with the last performances. Don't miss a thing.
Carmen (Johan Inger)

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How is a ballet created? Arriaga

With the work of composer, and basque genius, Juan Crisístomo Arriaga as a parting point, we present Arriaga. A choreographic piece that features three voices, where our artistic director, Joaquín De Luz, was joined by Pino Alosa (associate artistic director) and company's dancer, Mar Aguiló, to create 30 minutes of magic.
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