Bailando con el Dragón Workshops

CND Educa

During these weeks we have resumed our workshop Bailando con el dragón, a project carried out by CND Educa with Crossborder Project in some schools and institutes of Madrid.


The workshop is taught by Elisabet Biosca, solo dancer of the CND, and Ángel Perabá, actor and artist. In it, they use movement, words and the performing arts as a methodology to work on the dragon in all of us and the concept of possession in adolescent relationships.

The workshop “Dancing with the dragon” is inspired by “Carmen, the story”, the second publication of the National Dance Company through CND Educa, created around the choreography Carmen by Johan Inger, a work that has been part of the CND repertoire since 2015.

During the last few days, students from Albanta school in Fuenlabrada, IES Santa Teresa de Jesús and IES San Isidro in Madrid have been able to enjoy this project.

Thank you all for participating!