Dancing around the world with Tamara Juárez

Happy Birthday!

Tamara Juárez is synonymous with sweetness. The calm that she exudes when speaking is reflected in her movements as a dancer. Born in Guadalajara, Tamara describes herself as a “classical” dancer that leaves the door open to other styles. Aware of the transience of life, she takes advantage of each day to work, train and enjoy small pleasures such as walking in the countryside with her dogs.


You begin your training at the Mariemma Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza at the age of 8. Was it clear from that moment that dancing was going to be your professional future or did you consider it more of a game?

No way was it clear! Not at all. I didn’t even know what it really was. In fact, when my mom asked me if she was sure, I asked her what a conservatory was and her answer was: “it’s a place you’re going to have to go to every day, even on days you don’t feel like it.” And unconsciously I guess I began my training like that. I think I thought of it as a game; a very fun game.

How would you define yourself as a dancer? What styles do you like to dance the most?

I consider myself a classical dance but I have never closed any door on work involving any other style. This career is too short for that; time passes very quickly and everything you can experience and work on is very enriching.

You have pulled off quite a difficult thing: to dance in your own country. What does it mean to you to be in your homeland? Do you miss life abroad?

I feel very lucky to be able to work in my country and be surrounded by the people I love. I am aware that not everyone can say the same, and I’m really so lucky. I’m not excited about being away from my family. Five years ago they offered me a contract to go to Russia and, when I went to say yes, José Carlos Martínez called me offering me a contract at the CND; and thank goodness, because I was very sorry for having to move so far way. Sometimes I have thought momentarily, “what would have become of me in Russia? Would I have lasted being so far from my people? How would my career have been there?

You have been part of the cast in iconic choreographies such as Don Quixote or Giselle. What is it like to perform in those shows? Do you feel more pressure than, for example, in other types of productions that are less known to the general public? What is the specific preparation like? Is it more demanding at a technical level?

Pressure as such I do not feel. You also have the day-to-day preparation and with lots of time spent at the rehearsing back at HQ. So you are normally quite prepared for the show. But I do get nerves before going on stage, feeling the responsibility that the individual person has to do their job well. Everyone knows what their weak points are and before the performance begins they have to be aware of them and practice to try to prevent them from happening. The premieres are always something really special for the dancers; a magical and beautiful atmosphere is created.

Devoting yourself to a profession like dance means learning something different every day and setting new goals. Where would you like to see yourself in the next ten years? What challenges do you set yourself going forward?

Right now I am studying a Higher Degree at the María de Ávila Superior Dance Conservatory in Madrid. It is focused on pedagogy. I love children; I always have. Therefore, I am taking advantage of that positive vibe to focus on these studies. Then, later down the line, I will be able to be a teacher and share all my knowledge and love for this profession.

Besides dancing, what other passions do you have? How do you combine them with a job as demanding as this?

I like to walk, near where I live I have a field. Therefore, when work or studies allow me, I take my dogs for long walks. I also love to cook, plus I’m handy at making desserts, or so they tell me … but that’s for personal enjoyment; I wouldn’t dedicate myself professionally to gastronomy.

And to finish, and seeing how today is your day. How are you going to celebrate your birthday?

Well, this year my birthday falls on a weekday, so there is little I can do. In addition, I have seminars to attend for my studies (good birthday present!). But I will take advantage of the weekend to enjoy it to the fullest with my people. The years go by too fast!!